Annual accounting reporting

Our company will acquaint the customers with all the moments that you need to know about the annual accounting reports of Bulgarian companies. The annual financial statements of the enterprise are the basis for calculating the taxes that it must pay, and the company's founders and owners of annual financial statements help to judge its functioning, draw conclusions about the success or loss of its economic activities, and about the difficulties that are in the company's activities.

All registered offshore companies must:

  1. Generate and submit annual financial statements;
  2. Fill in the tax return for the year;
  3. Provide the institute with statistics correctly filled in information and so on.

Companies whose activities permit, as well as those that did not function this year, may not keep accounting, but hire a one-time accountant after one year. This is permissible provided that the enterprise was not registered under the "VAT Law" and has no employees.

How do we work?

We propose to prepare an accounting report for you for the year and guarantee that it will cover the requirements of the "Accounting Reporting Law", the current accounting standards, "Law on Taxation of Income Taxes of Corporations", "Law on Taxation of Income of Individuals", and will comply with the "Law on Statistics".