Department of staff

Who needs it?

The service is relevant for companies where the accountant has a high level of employment, which does not allow him to pay attention to the staff, make a payroll, provide the Institute nat. insurance declaration, sick leave, etc.

We, in turn, will provide an employee who will administer the staff of your employees.

The service includes items:

  1. Procedure of registration of the employment contract and its registration in the Internet of national insurance.
  2. Collect the dossier for each employee.
  3. Formation of instructions of official duties.
  4. Work with payroll.
  5. Registration of payments for the calculation of wages and insurance contributions.
  6. The submission of a sick leave sheet.
  7. Execution / filing of the declaration number 1, 6.

It is financially more profitable for you to order this service from us, rather than paying for the same actions to your specialist.