Registration of companies in Bulgaria 150 EURO


1 Registration of a limited liability company fr 150 EUR
2 Re-registration (sale) of a company fr 190 EUR
3 Closure (liquidation) of the firm fr 450 EUR
4 Opening of the company's current account fr 370 EUR
5 Company registration for VAT 140 EUR
6 Provision of a legal address for the company  fr 100 EUR
7 Legal support of the company  negotiable

Registration of companies in Bulgaria

Incorporation of a company means registration of a legal entity in the Commercial Register of Bulgaria. Every foreigner can form a Bulgarian company, regardless of the fact having or not a Bulgarian visa or Bulgarian residency permit. The most common type of a commercial company is Ltd. Minimum founding capital required to register is 2 BGN (Bulgarian Leva). One or more person can be the Directors/Managers of the company and it has to have the legal address of Bulgaria. The process for registration normally takes 3 working days after the completion and receipt of all the necessary documents. Income tax rate in Bulgaria is 10% flat (paid for the profit only) for every commercial company, regardless of the amount of the profit which is lowest in all EU countries. Opening a company in Bulgaria not only allows you to engage in any commercial activity but also to purchase of a vehicle and real estate.

What are the advantages of opening a company in Bulgaria:

  • Engaging in commercial activities and working as a manager without obtaining a work permit;
  • Purchase of land (in Bulgaria it is forbidden to purchase land for foreign citizens);
  • Car registration for the company (foreign cars are registered only in Sofia with obligatory annual re-registration);
  • Obtaining credits, mortgage loans for a company with interest rates significantly lower than for foreign citizens;
  • Purchase of transport, equipment, real estate in leasing;
  • Obtaining a business visa to Bulgaria.

Forms of ownership of enterprises in Bulgaria:

ЕТ — Едноличен търговец (Individual entrepreneur)

СД — Събирателно дружество (General partnership)

КД — Командитно дружество (Commanderly partnership)

АД — Акционерно дружество (Joint Stock Company)

КДА — Командитно дружество с акции (Limited liability partnership with shares)

ООД — Дружество с ограничена отговорност (Limited liability company with two or more founders)

ЕООД - Единолично дружество с ограничена отговорност (Limited Liability Company with one founder)

Participants / Entities SP(sole partnership) и LLC

LLC can be created by two or more Bulgarian or foreign individuals or legal entities.

SP is created by one individual or legal entity, which is the sole owner of the capital.

How do we work?

The order of opening a company in Bulgaria:

  1. Holding of the constituent assembly
  2. The signing of a friendly treaty (constituent instrument)
  3. Appointment of the manager (director)
  4. Authorized capital of the company
  5. Submitting an application to a commercial (commercial) register

The company is registered on the basis of the application A4. The application is submitted personally by the manager (director) or a person authorized by him - a lawyer with the authority to register a firm or a person with a notarized power of attorney to register.

After receiving the documents, you are given an incoming number, under which the application is registered. By this number you need to monitor the status of processing documents on the site of the trade register. If errors are found during the processing, the corresponding information will appear on the site and 48 hours will be given to correct the errors. The company registration period is approximately 5 days.. You can see whether the company is registered on the website of the trade register in the "Help" section.