Our company provides a list of administrative and accounting services, underpinning the quality of ten years of experience in the selected segment. Welcome!

We guarantee that cooperation with us will bring you savings of both financial resources and time. We are a team of professionals, working together with them implies complete confidentiality and responsible partnership.

To whom are we going to be useful?

Among our clients are both individuals and legal entities. The general list of our services includes:
• professional financial advice;
• work with subscribers;
• publication of the annual financial report.

What else do we do?

Customers entrust us with the preparation / implementation of the tax plan in an international format. Working in this direction, we will offer the option of registering a Bulgarian company that meets your needs. A similar service may apply to Great Britain, the British Virgin Islands, the Maldives, etc. The above offshore zones combine a minimum tax rate. We are aiming at finding the right investment for your financial resources (personal or corporate).
The correct offshore structure gives a number of advantages, namely:
1. Protection of property.
2. Full confidentiality / anonymity.
3. Cost optimization.
4. Lowering the bureaucratic level.
5. Simplified reporting requirements.
Register an offshore company often in order to optimize taxes.

We provide free consultations from our experts

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Representative in Europe,
Mikhail Belousov