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What is the residence permit and what does it give?

Permit for a long stay (so-called residence permit, residence permit) entitles you to stay in Bulgaria for a year, enter and leave the country an unlimited number of times without obtaining a visa. The residence permit is issued within 2 - 4 weeks, one year is valid and is renewed annually.

After 5 years, the holder of the residence permit status can obtain a permanent residence permit (permanent residence).

Who can get the right to residence permit in Bulgaria?

The right to a long (up to 1 year) stay in Bulgaria (residence permit) can be obtained on the grounds specified in Art. 24. (1) of the Aliens Act in the Republic of Bulgaria (ZCHRB).

Can property owners obtain a residence permit in Bulgaria?

No. Buying property does not entitle you to a residence permit in Bulgaria

I do not have my own company. How can I become a representative to obtain a residence permit in Bulgaria?

There are several options:
1. Ask your friends who have a firm and ask them to prepare the necessary documents for registering a sales representative and appointing you as a representative.
2. Open your own company. We can prepare a complete set of documents for the registration of LLCs in your country, as well as take all necessary reporting.
3. Become a representative in an already registered sales office. Our company can help to find a company that needs additional representatives.

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