Subscriber's account services

Our company offers clients the maintenance of accounting. This is one of the most important tasks of any enterprise. Based on current data, it is possible to analyze the efficiency of the enterprise, to abandon unnecessary expenditure, pay taxes and prepare accounting documents. The problem is that not every organization has a qualified specialist in its staff who is able not only to keep records correctly, but also to react in time to changes in the current legislation. And as a result: your enterprise will become the object of constant inspections and audits, you will be fined, and in case of serious violations, you face administrative liability. We offer a solution to a complex problem - outsourcing accounting. Qualified specialists will assume full accounting services for your company.

The service includes the items:

  1. Permanent consultation with our specialists who closely monitor the correctness of the work;
  2. Observation of all calculations conducted with the customer base and suppliers;
  3. Maintenance of accounting registers (analytics and systematization) in chronological order, based on the primary documentation that the client provided. Formation of payroll calculation lists using the InStat system;
  4. We draw up the fin. statements for the year, as well as the annexes to it in full compliance with the "Law on accounting and accounting standards";
  5. We form the annual tax return, which meets the requirements of " Law corporate income taxation."

How do we work?

We provide the described service on the basis of the subscription service contract. It provides the client with a comprehensive protection of the interests of his company in relation to all institutions connected with the conduct of accounting.