Registration of permanent residence permit

Permission for Bulgarian PRP is obtained after 5 years of legal stay in the country. The right to formulate the status is also given to investors in the economy or persons with local origins. PRP does not have a term, it is renewed for free. Our company helps to issue documents.

Terms of registration of documents

If you are a foreigner and you have RP, then PRP will not only require a legal five-year stay in Bulgaria. Admissible absence is 30 months. Every year it is necessary to obtain a residence permit on the basis of one of the points: a pensioner with a proper level of fin. a representative of a foreign enterprise, an entrepreneur who provides work for citizens.
The recipient of the PRP obtains a personal civil number and a residence card. Applicants can become a spouse / spouse, children under the age of majority.

1. Stay in Bulgaria without any limitation of terms;
2. Visa-free entry into the country;
3. The right to work for hire;
4. The right to seek citizenship after five years;
5. Free medicine, including nat. the cashier;
6. Pensions and benefits.
Those who have PRP and their family members receive education in the state free of charge