Preparation of financial statements

In general, the financial statements mean internal and external reports of the company, which contain detailed financial information of various kinds. Most often, the external part of the report includes structured accounting data, in shape and composition adjusted in accordance with relevant regulations. At the same time, the internal fin. The report is not legally fixed or limited. Its composition is regulated by the requirements of managers and can contain forecasting / analysis, budgets and management data.

If you are faced with a situation when your accountant does not comply with legislative requirements and is not entitled to form / certify the annual financial yearly signature. reporting, our company will offer assistance and solutions. We have a service for preparing financial statements. When ordering it, you receive at your disposal our employee with the required qualifications.

Our specialist will do:

  1. Compilation / reassurance.
  2. Or by checking / certifying the financial statements of your enterprise.

All the necessary work our employee will conduct, based on the requirements of the "Accounting Law".

How do we work?

It is worth remembering that well-written reporting is not only a duty to state authorities, but also a necessary tool for analyzing the current and projected state of your business and finding ways to increase profitability. Our specialists will ensure the literacy of calculations, the availability of documentary evidence of all business transactions and the timely provision of reporting.